Attending sick children and other compelling family reasons

Collective agreements provide parents with the right to attend to their sick children under 13 years of age, provided that sufficient attendance cannot be arranged in another way. During the first six months of service with an employer are 2 days in respect of each month. After that period a worker is entitled to 12 days in each period of 12 months. During this time the parent has the right to full wages for day time work, including shift premiums when applicable.

The Union Sickness Funds guarantee in addition the right to 3 months or 90 days (counting 7 days a week), paid by 80% of the workers normal wages during the past 6 months in employment because of the workers children who suffer grave and lasting sickness or are invalid. The same applies if the workers spouse falls seriously sick or has a serious accident. 

Workers are entitled to a leave from work due to unforeseen and grave reasons (force major) or when it concerns very serious sickness or accident in his family that requires his immediate presence. Workers do not have the right to payment of wages in this case.


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