E-mail and internet use

Private e-mail cannot be viewed except when expressly needed, e.g. in the case of a computer virus or for similar technical purposes. Data on internet browsing, connections to websites, and data volume of an employee or a student can be viewed, if there is a substantiated suspicion that the relevant individual is violating law or rules by the employer or school authorities. In case of suspicion of criminal activities, the police should be contacted.

When viewing the use of e-mail or internet, the employee or student should be notified beforehand and give the possibility to attend the viewing. That does not apply if the attendance of the individual is not possible, e.g. because of his serious illness. If the individual cannot attend the viewing he shall have the possibility of appointing a representative.

At the termination of employment, an employee should be given the possibility to erase or copy e-mail not relating to the employer’s activities. E-mail of students should be erased at the end of their school attendance, provided that they have had adequate time to make personal copies. 


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